Monthly Archives: January 2004

Does this NewsGator 2.0 thing really work?

I was just reading John Bristowe’s blog¬†which alerted me to the fact that NewsGator 2.0 has been released. I’ve downloaded and installed it, so good so far. NewsGator works really well for me since I am such a heavy user of Microsoft Outlook. This is my first post using the .Text plug-in for NewsGator, it might take a little bit longer to get used to, although it might make me post more often. Is that good or bad?

Gartner Horoscopes 2004

Occasionally I get a ping via e-mail asking why I chose, especially since I don’t seem to have any content relating to that much quoted resource.

Well, I figured I might change that since the Gartner weblog has been trickle feeding us the 2004 predictions for a little while now and without a doubt these little perls of wisdom, will be quoted back to me over the next twelve months.

I don’t really have a major issue with Gartner, but you have to admit some of their material reads a little bit like a horoscope in that the content seems that vague get strangely relevant quality. Sometimes I think you can get alot of value by taking your developer talent out to lunch for a bit of a chinwag.