Blog spam? Give me a break!

When I start up Internet Explorer my homepage is set to my blog, one of the few things that I read before heading off to Google to find my item of interest is whether any new comments have been made about the few posts that I have managed to make. It was with some excitement that I noticed two new comments attached to this post. Interesting huh?

So now the spammers are writing agents that spam blogs! What is interesting is that they must be writing code for specific blog tools like .Text, although I am sure others are being targetted too. Maybe its a pluggable system – I wonder which platform they use! I’ll leave the posts there for a few days that you folks can see what I am talking about, then I am going to delete them because I suspect that the content would cause the afflicted pages to be blocked at the corporate firewalls that are out there.


6 thoughts on “Blog spam? Give me a break!

  1. John Bristowe

    Comment spam has plagued the MT crowd for quite a while now. Sadly, it would appear as though spammers have realigned their sights towards .Text and dasBlog-based blogs.

    I hope Scott will implement a solution to this problem in the .Text vNext; image comprehension, comment approval, registration, etc.

  2. William Luu

    Hi Mitch, I have been browsing around and this is my first post. This blog spam problem has been around for a while. It has hit several diffrent blogging systems that I know of already, especially those more popular blogs with high ‘Google Rankings’. This is due to the way google ranks websites when search results are brought up. Linking to higher ranked sites, helps boost your google rank!

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