So, who spotted the bugs in <csunit />?

When I first introduced my task to the world I mentioned that there were a few things that I wanted to tackle in future releases. Here is a bit of a referesher for those of you who missed my earlier post.

  • Write automated unit tests using csUnit.
  • Write automated build script to run unit tests and build a release.
  • Improve API documentation for the source code using XML comments.
  • Make the NAnt output look prettier.

I am now pleased to annouce that in the drop I have started to address the first two items in that list. There are now a bunch of unit tests in the NotGartner.Build.Tasks.Tests project to excercise the task and weed out any problems with future modifications/enhancements I make. The act of writing the unit tests actually uncovered a number of bugs which are now fixed.

  • When input validation failed, clean-up of temporary files still occured causing an exception, masking the underlying exception that was raise as a result of invalid arguments.
  • Test summary output failed when tests passed (can you believe I missed this!).

Both of these errors resulted in me not running a full suite of tests as the task evolved, so things slipped through the cracks. Anyway, give this drop a crack!


One thought on “So, who spotted the bugs in <csunit />?

  1. Pete

    Hey Mitch,

    Could you please put together a simple user guide for using your csUnit task? I would prefer not to have to read through the source to find out how to use your it. If there is user documentation within your project, then I missed it when I was searching for it.

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