Temperature: 18 degrees celcius. Woohoo!

This has been my first summer in Canberra since I moved up here with Monash.NET. Before that I was living in Melbourne, and grew up in Brisbane (Caboolture actually). In Queensland summer is humid, but atleast there is a good chance of rain most evenings. Melbourne is much drier during summer but cool changes do come through quite regularly, and the temperature is very predicable – look at the weather in Adelaide and add a day.

Canberra, however, has been a real shock to the system. Because there is no body of water to regular the temperature it can climb and climb and climb. For the last month or so we have fairly consistently been in the 30oc to 40oc (thats up to 104of if you don’t have a converter handy). While its not the surface of the sun, it does make getting a good night sleep quite difficult – you always feel tired.

Well, today I had to put on a jumper. In fact I am wearing this spiffy canterbury MVP jersey that  Rose (local MVP contact) sent me. If you have an appreciation of real football (apologies to soccer fans – this isn’t directed at you), then you will know just how warm these things can be. The current temperature is down to 18oc, and while it might climb during the day I can’t see it getting over 30oc.

I’m looking forward to looking out on the snow frosted hills this winter. Last year it snowed a number of times but I was unlucky enough to be delivering training courses or working interstate each time.


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