AFL: A good excuse to talk about Longhorn.

Frank is talking about AFL again. Being born in Queensland much more interested in rugby and league although it is pleasing to see the Bears (er Lions) doing so well. However, when I moved to Victoria I was forced to choose a team. Knowing nothing about the sport I referred to as “aerial ping pong” I chose to support the Bombers – I thought their patch looked cool. Although it could have been the kiss of death for them . . .

Longhorn? Well, I had this idea a few weeks ago about how the Australian edition of Longhorn should ship with a number of tiles and pop-up toast applications too integrate sports into the shell. So how about a BaggyGreen tile and an AFL ladder tile (atleast!). Just need to unpack that Longhorn VM. Sounds like a good excuse to geek out Wednesday night next week.

P.S. Frank: I’m sure you have some partners you need to see early on Monday morning that means you would absolutely positively have to been in Melbourne over the weekend 😛


2 thoughts on “AFL: A good excuse to talk about Longhorn.

  1. frank arrigo

    believe it or not, but i have meetings in melbourne on thursday & friday. i tried to convince my wife i needed to stay the weekend, but she didnt buy it 😦

    im hopeful i can watch it on the telly

    go the saints!!!!!!

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