Daily Archives: February 28, 2004

Don’t build a framework!

I’ve been helpingĀ folks with .NET for a little while now and one of the recuring themes I see, especially with larger organisations is the tendency to indulge in a lengthy and expensive framework building process.

Quite often I hear of the “productivity improvements” that teams are getting out of these frameworks. Its not uncommon to hear about projects taking anywhere between twice to ten times as long to achieve successful completion. It’s hard not to see where the attraction is right?

Martin Fowler has some excellent (and short) writing on the subject of harvested frameworks vs. foundation frameworks. So why am I making this post? Its simple, I want the IT services firms out there getting involved in these projects to focus on delivering products that relate to their customers core business – I want them to “wait and see” if frameworks appear. Keep it simple stupid.