Blogs and family

I’ve been reading Cameron Reilly’s blog again (its a dirty habbit, I’ve got to stop it). Anyway, this post raises some interesting issues. Like a lot of people I don’t live in my home town so I do have alot of close interactions with my family. We normally catch up every few weeks or so over the telephone and maybe once a year in person.

Blogs certainly seem to be proving their worth as a marketing tool with hot news spreading through a virus through blogspace. It’ll be interesting to see how blogs serve as a way of keeping families in touch.

Thought: I wonder what would happen if we encouraged school students to keep an open log of their thoughts about their studies that was accessible to teachers and parents where they could ask questions. Parents and teachers could then read the blog entries to help identify ways to help the student learn.



4 thoughts on “Blogs and family

  1. Cameron Reilly

    well in my own defense, let me say my mother lives in QLD and I live in VIC and we are both pretty busy!

    I love your idea about getting school kids to blog openly about their studies. I wonder what % of kids already blog?

  2. Mitch Denny

    Thats no defence! My mother is in Queensland and my wife, daughter and I live in the ACT. Actually, I noticed my mum posted a comment yesterday.

  3. Tatham Oddie

    How do you guys define “kids”.

    I am 16 – which many people would consider a kid – and I maintain a social blog on my website ( I’m guessing this isn’t quite what your talking about as it’s certainly not something most of my teachers should be reading…

    To balance this, I also maintain a professional blog which covers .Net issues, and ideas.

    How does this fit into your definitions of “kids blogging”?

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