Be kind to offline readers!

First, let me say that I am a big fan of Agent Smith’s blog. I’ve found it invaluable getting some perspective from “the other side”. But unfortunately my ability to read this blog is limited by the way the RSS/RDF feed works. You see I am an offline blog reader which means I typically get a chance to catch up on this kind of stuff when I am sitting on a bus on the way into the city, or sitting in an airport lounge waiting to take off.

Agent Smith’s feed (among others, I don’t mean to pick on you) only gives the first sentence or two of the post content which means I have to pop a web-browser to get the full picture. Until Telstra drastically reduces rates for GPRS connections this just ain’t going to happen I’m afraid.

So – could those out there with blogs that don’t tell the whole story please provide a secondary feed for us disconnected folks out there!


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