The Canberra Balloon Festival

Over the past week or so residents of Canberra have had some cool sights in the sky for the drive in to work. The Canberra Balloon festival has been on an on Saturday we all went down to check it out. It was an early start but well worth it. I managed to take a few happy snaps and vids, two in particular might be of interest to readers of this blog.

The quality on this first one isn’t real good because I copied it off my digital video camera that doesn’t have quite a quality of my digital still camera. Its a picture of the Microsoft Office XP balloon that is based here in Canberra.

 The OfficeXP balloon that is based here in Canberra (well, atleast I think it is based here).

I’m kinda left wondering when they are going to get a 2003 upgrade. Or maybe they should go for the upcoming version of Mac Office. The second picture is really for just one reader of this blog who is doubtless downing gallons of carrot juice celebrating the performance of his team in the Wizard cup (its only pre-season man).

One of the special shaped balloons at the Canberra balloon festival. Notice the detailed instructions on the valve.

Frank, I saw this one and thought of you! It didn’t come out real well in the picture unfortunately, but check out the detail around the valve. Imagine what would happen if you pumped your ball up to that pressure normally!

This particular ball(oon) was teathered to the ground and they were letting people take short trips in it just to get a taste for what it is like going up. Its based in Melbourne so presumably they are going to use it as part of the promotions for the upcoming AFL season.

All in all I had such a fun time that I went and visited the Kavanagh Balloons web-site to see how much it would cost to have this as a hobby. No price list, I guess that means I can’t afford it. Bummer.


One thought on “The Canberra Balloon Festival

  1. frank arrigo

    thx for the balloon shot mitch

    ive been watching the replay today and have just started to catchup on my blogging.

    yes, i know its only march, but – man it was such a good win. the boys worked hard.

    cant wait for the start of the season!

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