One Killer App for $100,000!

FrankArr has posted up about a competition that Microsoft is running for the ISV community who are to build a “killer app”. If you ask me, the real trick here isn’t the development task since the guys over in Redmond have made it so damn easy to build sexy looking applications. What you will earn that $100,000 for is the concept. If you look at the Tablet PC today its a real compelling interface for those people that need to go to meetings, design enterprise architectures on a napkin or play some of those wicked Tablet games! But what would my mum use it for?

The judging criteria are:

  • Broad Usage Factor
  • Usability
  • Cool Factor
  • Mobility
  • Use of Pen and Ink

I’ve got a few side projects on the go at the moment so I probably won’t be able to put anything together – but if I come up with a killer idea I might be compelled. I wonder if the prize is available to Australians living in the ACT (I know that there are issues with alot of competitions).


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