Wollongong .NET User Group

I drove over to Wollongong last night evening to attend the first Wollongong .NET Users Group meeting. It was pretty cool there were a bunch of guys there that I know from some consulting work that I did out there around this time last year. There were also a few people that I hadn’t met before.

We ate some pizzas spoke about the user groups goals and directions and then had an impromptu presentation on extender providers. Scott McCulloch was selected as the user group leader and is really a formal recognition of the role he has been playing getting all this organised.

I’m hoping to make it over every now and then. Unfortunately, my home group, the Canberra .NET User Group meeting last week was post-poned to last night, so I missed that one. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the next time to catch up with folks in Canberra.

Update: The next Wollongong .NET User Group meeting is on the 22nd of April and will be on DotNetNuke 2.0 which Scott would have to be the local authority on. Scott is planning to update the user group hompage soon with the details.


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