Audio Controls on Your Window Frame? Hrm.

OK, this is a blatent post about a post – but Scoble does it, so why can’t I!

I was reading this post by Josh Ledgard talking initially about the pop-up blocker that will be built into Internet Explorer that ships with XPSP2. Its certainly about time (although, they missed the boat, I use the Google toolbar – indispensible), however as Josh points out the whole area of pop-up blocking has been made more complex with the addition of Flash based ads which roam around a web-page like slimer off Ghostbusters.

To be honest my online experience revolves around Outlook, Google and a handful of technical sites and newsgroups which Google effectively indexes. So I don’t see these free roaming ads too often, although when I do my aural senses tend to be assaulted. To solve the audio problem I propose that Windows (no later than Longhorn) has a set of controls next to the minimise, maximise and close button that allow you to control audio settings on a per process basis. This contextual information would be available as a per-process master switch to stop ANY audio coming out of certain processes.

Without looking too deeply into it, this doesn’t seem like a hard problem to solve.


2 thoughts on “Audio Controls on Your Window Frame? Hrm.

  1. jledgard

    Yeah, I go back and forth on weather it’s the job of the OS to fix broken software or for the software to offer a better solution. Because if I click on a file in my web browser I might want it to play. So then I would be frustrated by having it off. Like I said though, that’s what my Ipod is for. 🙂

  2. secretGeek

    nice idea Mitch. I did a quick illustration of it on my blog.

    cheers — it makes you think: what other buttons could be added to the title bar?

    e.g. Pin in place, Always on top, pause, zoom…, get sys information (handle, threads, performance, etc)

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