Are you a sucker? Network Solutions wants to know!

While reading my e-mail this morning I came across some SPAM from Network Solutions. You know, that company that “improved” the domain name system by taking over from InterNIC. I normally delete these e-mails because I no longer hold any of my domain names with them, but this one caused me to pause and hover my finger over the delete key.

Apparently NSI are now offering domain registrations for up to one hundred years! I can instantly see the appeal of this, but before you race out and register your one hundred year domain name and place street directions for your 100+ years birthday party, lets think about what you are really getting here.

I headed on over to the NSI site to see if I could find the small print (there is always small print). Apparently, the domain name isn’t actually locked in for one hundred years – its locked in for the maximum amount allowed as set by ICANN (International Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers). I believe this is currently ten years. Network Solutions then promises to re-register as needed for that one hundred year period. The real kicker is that you cannot transfer your domain name to any other registrar so you a pretty much locked in.

According to NSI, the big advantage to this is that you save lots of money and you don’t have to worry about remembering to re-register your domain every year or so. Getting the person who did the  registration to remember the account access details after one hundred years might be a challenge – you’ll probably need a shovel.

Finally, who says that the DNS system as it exists today is still going to be around in one hundred years? I think we will probably see some drastic changes inside the next ten years – what happens then?


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