New Floor – New Desk

Its that time of the week again and I am at Canberra airport waiting for my 7:45 flight to Sydney. I decided to go for the slightly later flight this week which has a small risk of getting me into the office a few minutes late – no meetings so its not a big issue.

The project team is moving nine floors up today to deal with the growth in numbers. I’m looking forward to it since to date I’ve been squatting at the end of someone elses desk. I got my username and password last week so I’ll actually be able to use the provided computer.

All in all, this consulting experience has been pretty good, building access was sorted out by the second day and I’ve been able to pair program (loose definition) with one or two of the staff members here. We actually managed to push out the first lump of work in nine days (actual).

The next piece of work is a little bit more interesting, if any of it is blog worthy I’ll be sure to post snippets up.

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