Could I fly a DASH-8 when I go to the US?

I planning on making a trip to the US later this year for a technical gathering in Redmond. Because I live in Canberra this usually means that it is atleast a three leg trip, and I think I prefer the one hour Canberra to Sydney (and vice-versa) flight the most.

The reason hasn’t anything to do with the duration of the flight, in fact if anything it could be a little bit longer. It has everything to do with the possibility of flying on a DASH-8.

Asside from the fact there is something a little Indiana Jones-y about flying in a twin prop – the seats are just so much more comfortable. On the Qantas DASH-8 configuration I have about an inch and a half air gap between my knees and the seat in front of me. Compare this with the the painful experience of flying on a larger jet where my knees start out pushing into the back of the person in front of me.

You’d think that’d be a hint to them that its probably not a good idea to put seat back – apparently not. I love the blurb just after take off when the lass comes on over the radio and tells us that we can now get out of our seat and walk around the cabin – umm, how?

I’m really looking forward to heading back home today, I flew up on a DASH-8, but on the trip back I’m in a jet. I wonder if they would just let me hold on to the wing. I wonder if I can get a series of DASH-8’s to the US.

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