The Sydney Deep .NET User Group Rocks!

Being away from home for the past five or so weeks has been pretty rough, and I have another month to go before I see any kind of let up. At the end of the day there is always a decision to be made about what to do with myself in the evenings.

The decision is made alot easier when there is a user group to attend! Last night I managed to make it to the Sydney Deep .NET User Group meeting for the first time and I am really glad I made the effort to walk down the AMP building on Bridge Street (number 50 if you were wondering).

I dragged along Robb Webb whom I am working with on some stuff at the Commonwealth Bank (here is a picture of the back of Robb’s head taken with my i-mate). When we arrived Nick, Chris and Troy (Illustrious Leader) were there setting up. There was a good turn-out with the room feeling quite full (sorry — I didn’t count heads).

Nick and Troy (Illustrious Leader) presented. Troy went first and gave a talk about the new nullable types feature in C#. I hadn’t heard anything about it so it was a complete surprise when I turned up because I was expecting a talk on that library that SourceForge project we know and love (NullableTypes). This new feature is so interesting from a syntax point of view (its using generics under the covers) that I think I am going to post about it seperately. There was certainly alot of discussion about it on the night – especially from those people that had some Java experience.

Nick followed up with a great coverage of the new features in Windows XP SP2. If you are an application developer delivering applications on the Windows XP platform you should go and download a copy of the BETA service pack. Because of the increased focus on Windows security it is likely that you may encounter a few problems. I had been close to downloading a few times but was having trouble finding the time to do a complete analysis – Nick has saved me the time. It raised enough concerns for me to stop off at a wireless cafe on the way home and pull it down and install it in a VM once I got back to the hotel room.

After Nick finished up his presentation a few (more than two, less than a dozen) of us made our way to a bar down the road for a beer (thanks Troy (Illustrious Leader), I owe you one!). It is this kind of social interaction that I really like about user groups. It an opportunity to have a laugh while completely geeking out – I couldn’t resist opening my clamshell showing off some of the cool stuff I have discovered about VS.NET designer internals in the last month or so.

I’m hoping that I will get a chance to make it out to the other user group meeting run by Adam Cogan out at Microsoft in North Ryde. I think I have found a bus that gets me from Wynyard station to the front door so it should be achievable.


2 thoughts on “The Sydney Deep .NET User Group Rocks!

  1. Luke

    From memory, the buses that’ll do the job for you are the 288, 290, 292 and 294. You’ll want the stop at the Pittwater road turnoff.

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