Revelation: I trust my smartphone!

Whenever I adopt a new mobile phone there is always a a period of tension between me and my new best buddy. You see, I can’t fully trust the device until it’s built-in alarm has owken me up at least a dozen times. Last week I borrowed my wife’s phone (my old phone) on the Sunday night and set its alarm in addition to my spiffy new one.

Last night I only set the alarm on the smartphone (the new one) and it performed its job admirably. This marks the beginning of a new two way trust relationship where the phone promises to ensure I catch my flight and I promise I will never force it to play a Britney Spears video.


5 thoughts on “Revelation: I trust my smartphone!

  1. Luke

    A warning for all those smartphone developers who rely on their smartphone as an alarm clock:

    Be careful about the time and date of the machines you sync your smartphone to.

    I almost got caught out once and only avoided the pain of a missed flight through dumb luck.

    PS: Does anyone know of a faster and easier way to set the alarm clock details other than Start -> Settings -> More -> Date and Time -> Scroll down half a screen etc. ?

  2. Mitch Denny

    Thanks for the tip about time sync problem. As to your other question, if you hold down the home key you get a QuickList – I wonder if that can be extended – it looks like it can. I went digging for a configuration file that controls it but I couldn’t find anything.

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