Hey, look, I’m famous!

I was just setting a blog for a mate and at the same time was installing .Text for the first time. As I was reading through the instructions (gasp) I noticed this up the top of one of the sample Web.configs.

 PreBuilt Web.config for single blog site ( like
 You will likely only need to
  – rename the file to web.config
  – edit the Connectionstring (DbProvider below)
  – edit the email provider

How cool is that, my blog has been immortalised in a Web.config file! Kind of gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, oh crap, thats the cup of tea I just spilt on my lap.


2 thoughts on “Hey, look, I’m famous!

  1. Luke

    And now you know the terrible secret behind why I pinged you firt when I had trouble setting up my .Text blog. 🙂

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