Windows XP SP2 RC2 – Five Days and Counting

Whilst rebuilding my laptop on Sunday night I decided to go ahead and install Windows XP SP2 (RC2). I did it for a number of reasons really, one of which was saving me the trouble of downloading and installing the various hotfixes from Windows Update. At the same time I wanted to play around with the built in firewall which has a COM-based API that I can program against. I had the idea a week or so ago to build some CAS permissions and attributes that allow me to do this in my code.

[FirewallPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Port = 1234)]

public void StartSession()



I’ve got the code up and running, although I implemented it using the May 2004 CTP build of Visual Studio 2005 which I am also using at the moment. I’ll release code here shortly after porting it back to VS.NET 2003.

One issue that I did notice with VS 2005 was that the PERMVIEW.EXE utility seems to be spitting out permissions information in some kind of unicode character set (getting lots of ?s in the output).


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