Clippy calls “developer tools” home . . .

I was mucking around this morning writing a few little educational games for my daughter when all of a sudden (whilst debugging!) bloody clippy appears with a message “Hello, it looks like your writing a state machine”. I could tell it was clippy the old clippy due to the incorrect use of “your” and that fact that I WAS NOT writing a state machine.

I’m not quite sure what this means for Visual Studio 2005, but apparently after getting sacked from the Office team Clippy hung around Redmond and ended up landing a job in the developer tools division. I suspect that after finalising the implementation of the callouts, the debugger tools team went down to the back entrace and let Clippy in as I am sure campus security had probably been instructed to shoot on sight.

As a Visual Studio customer I would like to register a protest at Clippy being used in the product. Not only did he cause me serious emotional trauma when he destroyed carefully laid out product documentation whilst using word – it also indicates that Microsoft doesn’t think very highly of me. State machine indeed!


21 thoughts on “Clippy calls “developer tools” home . . .

  1. Omer van Kloeten

    Great find! Clippy rocks! I always loved the way he could never answer any of my search questions! I was so depressed that day Clippy got booted from Office! I camped outside the Microsoft offices for a whole hour with a sign that read “It appears your not fair. Bring Clippy back!” before I had to go to school!

    By the way, you’re actually wrong, and in the defense of Clippy’s find, it’s obvious you’re writing a state machine! You’re using a Windows Form, for crying out loud! It’s just as if you’d have inherited from System.StateMachines.StateObject! Pssht, obvious!

    +1 for loving this post. 😉

  2. Mitch Denny

    Ironically Windows Forms as a wrapper of Win32’s WndProc function is a glorified state machine. But its kinda like say “Hello! I see you are declaring a variable – would you like some help”.

    Thanks for posting up 🙂

  3. Sean Malloy

    Hang on, I am scared.. is this real or not?!?!



  4. Willy Marroquin

    If This news is real , I Use Notepad…

    I have a Question.. Really Think that This Feature It increases the productivity ??

    Really Clippy (and similars in the IDE) are Hateful …

  5. David

    I think i would be so wrong for VS.

    It doesn´t give some help… ´cause when we´re looking for some help in other microsoft products, clippy doesn´t help at all.

    Maybe microsoft should think get better another points, before build a funny VS

  6. Eric

    I’m glad to see he has a new job. I was worried that his job might have been outsourced…

  7. Blutig4

    ohhhhh jeaaaa….

    Clippy is awesome.

    I like him.

    But I have the german version of Office. And in the translation there are no grammatical errors or something…

    but still a great thing this paperclip!

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