Greg On: VB Beginners And Productivity

Greg seems to be in a C# bashing mood today. Personally, I am genetically predisposed to { } brackets, and it really is a personal preference which alot of people seem to forget I think. I don’t think choosing between C# and VB.NET for any given project is a hanging offense. The point that Greg makes is that VB.NET suffers from bad PR. I think that is true, VB is every bit as capable, if not more than any of the managed languages, but I would point out that if you keep going around calling yourself Basic then sooner or later people are going to start believing you 😛

The point is that we should all be mature enough to accept that there are lots of different programming languages out there, and lots of different people to use them. Then again – its no uncommon for older children to be jealous of younger siblings 🙂

string.Format(“Just my {0:c} worth.”, 0.02);

P.S. Greg – I haven’t seen any performance difference between VB.NET and C# Windows Forms designers, do you have a sample of a form with equivalent configurations that you can send me that exhibits this behaviour? It would be really interesting to understand what the cause is – because under the covers they both using the same component designer – maybe it is something to do with what goes into InitializeComponent() in C# like the event-wireups (pure speculation).


4 thoughts on “Greg On: VB Beginners And Productivity

  1. Greg Low

    Hi Mitch,

    No, not in a C# bashing mood at all. I’m in an MS publicity-bashing mood.

    I do quite a bit of work in C# as well. I find it a good version of the C type languages and have no real issues with it.

    I just choose to use VB for most of our business apps. I think it’s more readable and more maintainable and quicker to write.

    I just can’t work out why MS publicity folk feel the need to describe the product as being for those “learning to program”. That’s just silly.

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