ArmySteve heading to Iraq . . .

A good friend of mine and ASP.NET guru, Steve Smith, is heading over to Iraq (probably already there by now) as part of the US IRR call-up. I’m not a big fan of what has happened in Iraq, but you have to respect those who do their duty for their country when the government calls on them.

Good luck Steve, and stay safe!


6 thoughts on “ArmySteve heading to Iraq . . .

  1. A concerned software developer

    Mitch, do you respect people do participate is rape and murder when there government is say Iraq. Probably not.

    Just because a government says you must go here, does not legitimise anyone’s role in an unjust action.

    Saddam is bad granted but, what the US have done IS CRIMINAL!

    I feel sorry for ordinary people who get involved war.

    I’m also not saying that we shouldn’t make the world a safer place. But, Iraq does not have any weapons of mass destruction, that’s clear.

    What more during the Iran Iraq war the US gave Saddam weapons of mass destruction to use on the Iranian army. Hello are we all asleep here!

    Yet the western world continues to rejoice in this action started by the US that in the end will CREATE MORE TERRORISTS!

    The sooner that people come to their senses and vote Bush, Blair and Little Johnny out of office the better and SAFER the world will be.

    I am not a lefty and I do believe that trhere are times when you need to defend yourself, your family and your country.

    Now, is not one of those times.

  2. Mitch Denny

    Hi concerned software developer,

    Thanks for expressing your opinion, if you have a blog or a site I would love to read more about your opinions – you must be Australian given your description of John Howard 🙂

    I think I agree with most of what you say, but I still stop short of criticising the soldiers, except for those that have participated in despicable and dehumanising acts.

    You see, I believe that when a soldier in Australia joins the defence forces he or she does so under the assumption that they are joining a fighting force that will conduct itself with honour on the battlefield. I think that they also assume that the government that issues their orders is representative of the wishes of the Australian people.

    While that may not be the case today (I honestly don’t think John Howard will be re-elected), at some point they obviously had enough votes to form a government.

  3. Concerned Developer

    Hi Mitch,

    I am Auatralian.

    To continue the discussion.

    You say…

    “I believe that when a soldier in Australia joins the defence forces he or she does so under the assumption that they are joining a fighting force that will conduct itself with honour on the battlefield.”

    Honour on the battlefield is surely an oxymoron.

    Peace keeping, now that is another thing and something that I believe is a inherently good.

    Why because it is about helping people.

    There is no honour, no winners just suffering. If you hear some of the old diggers talk about there experiences in war, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    They would not wish the younger generations to go through what they went through. Many to this day still cant talk about what they saw and did.

    As for governments being a representative of the wishes of the people.

    Across the world people on mass demonstrated against the war. Millions of poeple, not left wing greeny/hippie people who will protest against anything and everything but, mums and dads. Did Bush, Blair or Howard listen NO!

    The government of Australia (I have voted for the liberaly party maybe 90% of the time over my life. I am not a lefty labour voter) have continually lied to us.

    This country is a bigger target now becuase of Howard.

    What stuipidity!

  4. Mitch Denny

    Hi Concerned Developer,

    I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on the issue of honour on the battlefield.

    From the dawn of time humans have fought each other over politics, resources and love. We obviously should try to minimise the conflict, but I don’t believe it is possible to minimise it entirely.

    When we do fight, we hope those like Steve that are involved in the conflict do so with honour. To suggest otherwise without cause is an insult to them and their families.

    Personally, I hope you show your disappointment in the Australian government by voting accordingly in the upcoming election – along with us lefties.

  5. Concerned Developer


    I will not be voting for Howard, no matter what he or his cronies do.

    Go Labour Go!

    Oh and thank you for letting me rant

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