Julia on Tablets you can’t swallow – yet.

I’ve been following Julia’s posts on the good old Tablet PC for a while as well as a few of the other sources that exist out there. For a long time I have been lusting over one of these devices but to be honest they always seemed to let me down in the specs department.

I’m a fairly mobile person in that I quite often am working from airport lounges, pubs (where I am writing this post) and on the couch at home, so the ability to use a pen instead of my trackball (mice a next to useless in confined spaces) would be a great feature addition to my Dell Inspiron 8500. I can imagine doing napkin design in Visio as I piece together design specs. It would also increase my use of OneNote which I love, but would like to love more.

The question is, is there anyone out there that can take up the challenge and build a Tablet PC for me that can equal or better the capabilities of my Dell in the perf department, provide screen real-estate, disk capacity, RAM and processor WITH a digitiser built onto the screen. It doesn’t even need to be any better than the Dell in terms of power consumption – I really don’t care if it causes brown-outs in surrounding suburbs when I plug it in. I just want a pen interface for OneNote and Visio. And do I even need to mention that cool little pen game that ships with XP for Tablet??? Awesome game – is there a port for Pocket PC out there?

If there is a vendor out there working on this kind of hardware then I would quite happily BETA test it for you – does this constitute blogbegging?


9 thoughts on “Julia on Tablets you can’t swallow – yet.

  1. Stephan Hodges

    I second buying a Wacom tablet. Also, install XP Tablet onto your Dell. It comes with the MSDN subscription. I’ve done that (not a Dell, though), and it all works as expected. I’d bet it would work on an Athalon 64 too, but haven’t tried it yet.

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