Clippy has been retrofitted into VS.NET 2003.

After the huge upswell of support for Clippy’s return in Visual Studio 2005 when I spilt the beans in my post in late June I decided something needed to be done to support those developers who are working without “assistance” on VS.NET 2003.

As a result I have written an implemention of clippy as a VS.NET add-in that you can download and use right now. Please note that this is BETA software – so if Clippy doesn’t screw up your code just rest assured that we are working on it.

Now – repeat after me – I don’t need to pair program – I have Clippy!


P.S. Leave bug reports in the comments. Except you Dr. Neil – cause bugs don’t exist 🙂


4 thoughts on “Clippy has been retrofitted into VS.NET 2003.

  1. secretGeek

    hiya Mitch — although i love your clippy stuff, i think you’re really steppin on my toes with this one ;+)

    i entered the same concept as a add-in to Roy Osherove’s add-in competition. (it can be downloaded from somewhere on this page

    Then, about two days later, completely coincidentally you came out with your revelation about clippy’s inclusion in vs 2005…

    spooky stuff — either great minds thinks alike or you’ve installed keylogger software on my home pc…

    i’m watchin you mitch…



  2. Mitch Denny

    What it really means is that there is an unmet need out there amongst developers. I’m thinking of updating my installer to remove your clippy. Game on man!

  3. secretGeek

    An interesting gambit Mitch.

    Do the words “Clippy-based distributed denial of service attack on notGartner” mean anything to you?


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