We don’t like cricket! No no! WE LOVE IT!

Matthew Cosier is proving that he is Australian. For those of you reading that don’t know what cricket is, its a bat and ball sport not unlike baseball. Except the ball is “bowled” not “chucked”, and the players don’t chew on tobacco and spit, although there is alot of groin rubbing involved.

It is also worth pointing out that Australian’s are the best cricket players in the whole wide world, followed closely by India, and just about every other country except Zimbabwe – although they are better than England.

P.S. Boonie is a top aussie!

P.P.S. Matt, you really need to create a Cricket category on your blog mate. One for Boonie wouldn’t hurt either.


4 thoughts on “We don’t like cricket! No no! WE LOVE IT!

  1. John Bristowe


    Being Canadian, I’m not accustomed to seeing grass that isn’t covered by snow. However, while living in (beautiful) Melbourne, cricket quickly began my forbidden love. (Sorry ice hockey, but nothing beats watching ye olde baggy green on a hot summer day with a cold VB in your hand.)

    Go! Aussie, go! Let’s hear it… (x2)

  2. Mitch Denny

    Hi John, tell you what – we should trade every now and then. I would love to live in the snow! How ya been man! I am seeing lots of activity in the Plumbwork Orange repository.

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