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Bloggers, especially the ones whose feeds I tend to subscribe to almost always working in the tech field. Sometimes I wonder what bloggers from other industries put down in their blog – in short, what would a dentist’s blog look like?

Today I saw five patients, the last and longest appointment took a whole five minutes! I am pleased to report however that I had a 80% survival rate, the last patient rudely decided not to recover from the gas after I drove the drill through their skull.

Anyway, I am exhausted – time for a round of golf.

Ho hum.


110 thoughts on “Dentist Blog

  1. Greene Vardiman Black

    Did you ever notice that there is never a serious treatment of a dentist in our popular media. Usually the dentist is portrayed as a buffoon and an object worthy of derision. One way people deal with anxiety is to make a joke of it. The public’s hit parade of fear-provoking healing art professions is #1=psychiatists, #2= OB-Gyn and #3 dentists. We all have heard the level of jokes made about these fear-inspiring professions. I don’t think there will ever be a high drama TV series called ER-Dentist. Of course we all try to minimize our exposure to dentists, but once in a while it is really nice to have a toothache professionally ministered to by one of these assholes.

  2. Rob

    As a dentist in training I can honestly say none of my patients has died in my chair, yet…. Yep, just a few month’s and I’ll be an asshole too!! hahahah

    But a fun story though!!

  3. Nate the Pretty Good

    Funny – I’m a dentist and have been thinking about starting a blog.

    A metacrawler search turned up this gentleman, a dentist in California. He seems to be more concerned with political issues of the state than dental issues. I believe he supports the Republicans, which I guess makes sense being in the highest tax bracket and all:

    this is a young dentist, even younger than my 29 years who is reporting from post-Saddam Iraq. Intriguing.

    You can be sure HE doesn’t knock off work early to play golf.

    I’m sure your comment above was meant to be humorous and all. I’m sure we could all imagine doing the same with the tech field:

    “Sat around in front of computer playing online games while pretending to solve IT problems that I myself have created for co-workers. Drank 3 pints of coffee and ate 7 donuts. Not quite a record, but close! Blogged for about 2 hrs and worked on erotic Harry Potter meets Star Wars fanfic for another 2 hrs. Having Hermione hook up with Han and Leia’s son is TOTALLY a stroke of genius! Ooh, time to put on a tie and mop up the donut crumbs! I’ve got a meeting with some gullible venture capitalists who want to invest in my new site: given the success of “i want to marry an ugle millionaire” site. hahaha!”

    I myself spend up to 10 hours a day working for a non-profit, treating medicaid and uninsured patients who would otherwise not receive any care. Almost all of them are astounded by how relatively comfortable dentistry can be nowadays. Also, many other dentists in my southeastern New Hampshire community volunteer at our clinic.

    Because there aren’t a ton of oral surgeons or endodontists (root canals) who want to see folks who can’t pay, I end up doing a lot of those procedures as well, which, remarkably, last longer than five minutes.

    I myself am a terrible golfer. I like to toss back a few pints while playing darts. When I start my blog, it will most likely be a mix of genuninely life-affirming stories of how our clinic has helped to literally change people’s lives (ie, now they have front teeth, albeit false ones, so they can get a job, get off welfare, not take anti-depressives, etc) or humorous anecdotes about some of the more colorful characters who we see. (“Yes, could you write me some Oxycontin?” “Um, for a filling?!?” “I’m very sensitive.”)

    No golf.

  4. Mitch Denny

    Hey Nate – thanks for the long post – funny! πŸ™‚

    When you get your blog started don’t forget to post a link to it here, I’d love to subscribe to it! πŸ˜›

  5. Dr. Nate

    Hey Mitch – I’m all of three entries into my newbie blog….check it out at your leisure. in future entries I plan to discuss what sort of music I like playing while I work, as well as more humorous anecdotes from the dental field… stay tuned….

  6. Dr Nate

    OK, just ignore the last post – here is my New and Improved Dentist Blog. much classier, and, I might add, due to some timely advice about crawl-ability. Adios!

  7. Dr. Weston

    I have been a practising dentist for 18 years. The only “assholes” I have delt with are the patients.

    Most dentists have a pathologic fear of speaking the truth about the people who wonder into their offices.I do not. Not any more.I shall put down the subject in the below list. If you have the guts to read the truth about the silly shit we dentists put up with on a daily basis from the public ,you pick the topic from this list below. Thats it.

    LIST: Entrapment

    Insurance Theft

    Sexual entrapment

    Dental equipment theft


    Persciption Drug abuse

    ” I forgot my checkbook in the car”


    Lying about AIDS STATUS

    Lying about HEPITITIS STATUS

    SUPER BONUS SUBECT!!!!! : “The Rich Dentist”


  8. Linda

    Hi, I started a weblog because I think dentists and staff can be happier than a lot of them seem to be. I think we tend to underestimate what we can expect from people and set low expectations. I think we get what we expect when we do that. Set high expectations and see what happens. Visit my weblog and see what you think.
    Feedback always welcome. Dr.Weston, interesting list :), hope to see you at my blog.
    Thanks, Linda

  9. Mitch Denny

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the link. I’m going to spend some time digesting your “talk amongst yourselves” post – there is probably some wisdom in there that extends beyond dental practices.

  10. young dentist

    huurah Dr. Weston. You forgot.. taking it up the rear by your superior dentist boss. Especially if your female.. and not in the erotic way. In what other profession does everyone hate you eternally???!!!

  11. chris

    That is really funny. I had a good laugh. I hope you’re kidding though. I like to think I have a good real “dentist blog.”

  12. Marie

    I’ve always wanted to be a Dental Hygienist but I’m terrified of the dentist! i don’t know what it is about the chair that makes me squirm. When I was there the last time I had 4 cavities! My appointment to get them filled is tomorrow, can anyone show me there’s nothing to be afraid of??

  13. Cory from Dental Heroes

    I’m not a dentist, but I do run a dental care blog. I don’t focus on things that I know nothing about, such the more technical side of dentistry. I do, however, try to spread the preventative care message as much as a non-dentist can.

  14. worldofwarcraft2008

    Very interesting. I decided to start a cosmetic dental blog directory as a resource to find a cosmetic dentist in each major city.

    I hope this helps people looking for a cosmetic dentist near them. Check it out.

  15. zowoco

    Lovely job! And you’ll be pleased to know you rank high on the first google page for “dentistry blog” when you are not actually writing a blog about dentistry at all!

    It’s a wacky world.

  16. Fairfax VA Dentist

    Blog is an expression of your vision on certain topic. So Dental Blog is reflection of your professional activity and thoughts, blended with useful interesting topic related info:)

  17. Dental

    LoL Funny post.

    I would imagine that it would be pretty close to the mark. Especially the part about knocking off early from work to play golf.

  18. dentist (another)

    I must admit I am the ashole dentist who plays golf after I finish my longest 5 minutes appointment. I am so exhausted then. So blame everything on me, everywhere on the internet and don’t forget about link to my web page.

  19. mark

    my dentist keeps screwing up the billing for my kids braces and then bills me for everything. Then he is no topen on weekends and he is a kids dentist

    This guy must make too much money

  20. Wendy In Sarasota

    Hello all you great dentists !

    I have been afraid of the dentist for years but finally decided in 2009 that I would get my teeth fixed. I am so happy I did. My dentist Dr. Corey Warrenbrand is so great. Very understanding and I am actually excited about going back. I am so excited to be able to smile again.

  21. Wong ck

    im a young dental student,just started my second sem though..
    Realy hope can learn more from u all…

    so what is the fun part of becoming a dentist?

  22. DioneC

    For “London Dentists”:
    Loved the “WOW” reference, truely a Dentist after my own heart. πŸ™‚
    For all Dentists: Although I am not a Dentist, I do work in the Dental field, and have so for 3 years. I do not claim to know all, just what I have been taught. Two things for sure that I do know: 1) I love what I do. 2) There are some TRUE “asshole” Dentists out there. I happen to work for one currently. Trouble is, I admire the bastard for his outrageous great work, and also respect him for that great work. One thing I don’t understand, is why he must insult and degrade me constantly in front of our co-workers and patients. Even though he insists I am a more than efficient employee. So what gives? I need some closure on this, even though I feel like I’m purposely throwing myself into the lions den just to get an answer! I don’t really care what kind of answers you give, if you give any at all, all I want to know is why for some of you it is okay to treat you staff like crap?

  23. Hugh Flax

    Blogs are a great way for dentists to share important information with public without having to wait for the media or a dental association to ‘tell the story”.
    As long as the information is reliable and coming from good evidenced based sourvces, this is a terrific resource for the consumer without the usual filtering that takes place.

    Keep smiling right


  24. Megan

    That was funny! You know, social media is one of those things that can benefit so many different, unrelated businesses but not exactly what they teach in school. I feel bad for dentists, specifically. Good thing there ARE consultants out there (Like Mercer Advisors, for example who can help with the Business side of dentistry.

  25. ProDDS

    Funny post!:) The dentist’s drill scares everyone, no wonder that some patients don’t resist the stress and go home!:)

  26. arizona dentist

    The loopy gas (nitrous oxide) is great. It will make you laugh. Baby teeth have very tiny roots and come out easily. You should feel very little pain, if any. If you have cavities now or in the future, have your parents find a dentist that has the new water laser because you will not need to have any pain killers. The typical pain killers, Lidocaine, Procaine, Carbocaine are all dangerous hydrocarbons that form cacinogenic aniline homologs that cause cancer and are cummulative in the tissues.

    Do not let any dentist put any metal in your mouth like amalgam fillings, etc. Learn about what is good and bad dentistry and do complete research on it as you get older. Do not just trust dentists know what they are doing.

  27. Dentists Richmond

    Try checking on dental blogs and you will observe that they’re almost the same. They provide articles on dental problems and issues. It’s also sort of their website as well, showing what dental services they offer.

  28. Bryan Stevens


    I have been approached by past dental borrowers to look into the possibility of establishing a dental/medical credit union. The CU would be owned by the members (dentists and doctors who join for a nominal fee, usaully $20.00) and provide a variety of services only for its members and families. Services such as checking and savings accounts, personal and business loans, investment services, cash management etc….

    The National Credit Union Association (NCUA) believes the CU would be successful and is interested in moving forward with us on a business plan. We have over 20+ years in banking so we could get this off the ground very successfully.

    Question – On this blogging site, is their any interest in a member CU for dentists?

    Any comments would be helpful.


  29. vancouver dentist

    Dental Joke

    Patient: How much to have this tooth pulled?
    Dentist: $90.00. Patient: $90.00 for just a few
    minutes work??? Dentist: I can extract it very
    slowly if you like

  30. Dentist Manchester

    A lot of the dental bogs that I have come across are based around industry news; such as new rules, regulations and techniques. I also found a celebrity dental blog recently that documented the changes made to some of our stars; demi moore and a whole lot of others… quite entertaining.

  31. Emergency Dentist UK

    I think I saw that Demi Moore article on Twitter. About a missing tooth or something?? Lovin’ the little passage at the beginning. Sounds like the quality and survival rate of a unlicensed mexican dentist! Ha!

  32. Leslie

    If I had one wish, it would be that the US would be taken over by a brutal dictator who would force dentists to become slaves of the state and work for free. The idea that you people live these cushy little lifestyles while the rest of us, yes- even those who went to college the same amount of time- go without so that we can pay your exorbitant fees makes me sick. I hate all of you.

  33. Niles periodontist

    Some time i am totally unable to say something to patient on observing there teeth. Because i don’t believe how can a person should become so careless specially about their dental health. While knowing every thing.

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  35. Implant Dentist Chandler

    OK, a dentist here too, and yeah I do think that we are getting the bum rap. We are not even elegant enough to get our own TV series… while a group of high school singing geeks gets primetime.

    I would have joined another profession but the money is too good here!

  36. Duty Of Care

    Being a health professional, as a mature adult that works within the community of whatever place, there is a responsibility of duty of care. For example, if a person carries someone into hospital bleeding profusely they will be cared for. The bill is taken care of later. Dentists on the other hand, charge a small fortune just to look, then when they discover a patient is suffering from issues that are severe (while not bleeding everywhere); sever enough to warrant the same type of care as would be given to the bleeding patient in the hospital, they perform a financial scam worthy of comparison to the fractional reserve banksters. IF you cannot find the enormous sum of money to pay them you are left to suffer.

    This is the truth of dentistry in 2010AD, an age where humankind is supposed to be advanced. Yet vices like greed and ignorance penetrate all professions; especially dentistry.

    Perhaps it is too bad for those who cannot organize the finance or relatives to loan or whatever medium to pay these contemporary health-dealers (yes just as bad as a drug dealer). However, it is an utter shame that virtue doesn’t exist and for those exceptions that need it, some suitable form of care (no not governmental services please don’t be so ignorant to even suggest) is not provided.

    Shame…yet through ignorance and logically psychopathic thought processing, the shame is certainly not felt by most dentists who laugh all the way to the bank and to their beach holiday destinations more than once a year to escape their oh so tortuous daily lives.

    I think it would be best they all went to 3rd world countries and cared for the poverty stricken people there, leaving a market for a new profession that could be called: “Dentist-Care-For-All-ry”.

  37. ZenDental

    Ahhh, the dental jokes never end. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that I have the highest suicide rate. Oh really? I do have a dental blog for my practice and I actually try to deliver either useful or entertaining content. That’s what it’s all about.

  38. Yes, a real dentist

    It may surprise some that dentists are people too. Most have compassion and a true desire to help people and exercise this in their daily work. And unless you are one you don’t know how they do this daily, and the costs they personally incur in doing so. Contrary to the opinion of some posters above, some may even have wit and the ability to string a few words together and yes, some may even keep a blog. @Duty of Care: is it professional for a confessed health professional such as yourself, with altruistic motives which you espouse, to make a sweeping judgment branding an entire health profession as greedy and ignorant?

  39. Dental

    I would imagine that it would be pretty close to the mark. Especially the part about knocking off early from work to play golf.

  40. Dental Care

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  42. Shelly Smith

    I think that more dentists should look into blogging. We need to remember that the audience is no longer just in our cities. We can help clients across of the entire united states. Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge. Lot’s of our clients can’t afford our in house teeth whitening treatment so we send them to a site that offers teeth whitening reviews like thisglo teeth whitening review

  43. dylanbeckenskil

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  44. Portland Dentist

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  45. Portland Dentist

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  46. burdettdonna

    To share to everyone the proper dental care and to let others be educated is something great to do. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about dental health. Orthodontist gainesville ga is one of those that gives quality dental services that help us to achieve good dental health.

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