The time for e-books is nigh.

There are quite a few books out now that I would really like to get my hands on, however, they are really difficult to find in book stores and using Amazon means that I generally need to pay as much as the price of the book to get it shipped out there.

What it really means is that I won’t bother, so I miss out, the publisher misses out and the author missed out. What would really convert these clicks to sales for me is downloadable e-books. We have the technology – can someone tell me why we aren’t all reading e-books?


4 thoughts on “The time for e-books is nigh.

  1. Christopher Coulter

    You are 4 years late, eBooks hype was 2000. No MS Reader, dead product (even killed on new Pocket PCs), Adobe all but no care, LA Times tossed in towel per the Digital Newspaper project, ePublications was MSFT vaporware, Zinio and Newsstand both half alive. And zero promo’ing of eBook use per Tablet PC. Palm Digital Media had a great run, then dropped off, selling it to TomeRaider still going strong however, reference heaven, with TomeRaider 3 due any day now. TK3 Interactive eBooks all but stillborn, and funder and eBook Evangelist Steve Stone hath retired from MSFT. And M.J. Rose, Wired’s eBook champ, tossed in hat nearly 2 years ago. all but dropped eBooks. Time is nigh? Time was over. With one noteable exception per the Logos/Libronix Digital Library System people. ( And Powell’s still keeping eBook fires burning:

    Astill tons of public domain titles out there, seek out for the more Palm OS/Windows Desktop side and Chris De Herrera’s list for things Pocket PC and MS Reader:

    Grassroots people keeping it all alive. But major publishers all but walked away. is a good place to keep up on all the eBook news, whatever is left of it, that is.

    Palm Reader – Third Party, basically DOA.

    Adobe Reader – Ho Hum. Go nowhere.

    Microsoft Reader – Team disbanded, merged into “OS”. Reader 2.5 on Tablets, but nary one peep about it from Redmond seemingly. No 3.0. Dead. Dead. Dead.

  2. Mitch Denny

    I think the last point you made defeated the argument.

    > Microsoft Reader – Team disbanded, merged

    > into “OS”. Reader 2.5 on Tablets, but nary

    > one peep about it from Redmond seemingly. No

    > 3.0. Dead. Dead. Dead.

    If you look at Longhorn I can see the applicability of XAML to e-books, although I think they will need a hybrid of flow and fixed document layouts. I’m not sure if the printer driver in Longhorn currently supports that.

  3. Ian

    The problem is the current devices avaialable for reading. ie they still kinda suck compared to good old paper. The new e-ink technology developed by Sony and others is looking good. Their first reader using it – the Librié has potential. Pity its so full of DRM software that its almost useless – you can’t read you own documents on it – only ones that you buy from Sony’s library.

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