TechEd NZ – Session Over

Well, I’m sitting up in my hotel room in SkyCity Hotel catching up on e-mails and blogs. I finished up my one and only session on “Advanced Windows Forms (EBZ401)”. I think the session went OK and there were some good questions from those who attended. I head back home to Canberra tomorrow afternoon to present the session again, if you are going to TechEd in Canberra then I’d love you see you there.

While I have been here I’ve managed to catch three sessions in-between my own preparations.

  • Greg Low’s session on ADO.NET 2.0 features that will be shipping with Whidbey. This one was good because with all the focus on SQL Server 2005, Greg covered some of the less known improvements which I think developers that are going to need to move across their existing code can take advantage of.

  • Adam Cogan’s session on 15 (19 actually) tips and tricks for developing windows applications was very interesting. While I didn’t necessarily agree with everything I also saw a few really cool ideas that I would love to try in applications that I build in the future. Specifically, using URL Monikers to act as IM’able links to applciation data was cool. We can already see an example in Outlook (outlook:\\). I think I might post some more on this one later.

  • Joel Pobar’s session on CLR “Under the Hood” was facinating. I won’t even pretend to be able to relay the content, but, I believe that as developers we should aim to fully understand the platform we use. Its really easy to understand the “what” with .NET, but the “why” and “how”. Thats what I think anyway.

Anyway – time to get some sleep, the hotel room doesn’t have Internet access so I haven’t downloaded my e-mail for over ten hours – gasp!


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