Press Release: Bella Turns 2.0

This weekend our family and friends celebrated my daughters second revision. Actually the respective families dialed in whereas we had a party with friends that happen to live in Canberra. It was a great afternoon and I think all the kids had lots of fun. There is nothing quite like a living room that has been turned upside down by a pack of ankle biters with sugar induced highs.

Bella 2.0 comes with a whole raft of new features, I’ve decided to list a few of them here.

  • More words.

  • More words in sentences.

  • Bossy stomping feet.

  • More subtle manipulations.

  • More responsive to reverse psychology.

  • Much better at swimming.

  • Still equally as good at drowning.

  • Has more dolls.

  • May spontaneously learn to use “the potty”.

If you want to learn more about Bella 2.0, please refer to the changelog and the release notes. Here are two screenshots of the software in action. In the first picture Bella 2.0 is showing off her backyard – yes, that is a gnome riding a pig.

The second picture is more of an industry wide interop event where we get Bella 2.0 to be compatible with other applications which perform a similar function (eating cake, and making a mess).

Unfortunately Bella 2.0 is quite unique so we can’t sell her, however, we are willing to give her out on loan subject to movie screening times.


2 thoughts on “Press Release: Bella Turns 2.0

  1. Peter B

    Quite a cutie you’ve got there! Bella’s cross-globe counterpart, Ellie, turned 2.0 this weekend as well… sure keeps you busy huh?

    So when will we see a new release?


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