Daily Archives: August 14, 2004

SplaTT hits the air waves.

Just finished reading errrr listening to SplaTT’s audio blog entry. A couple of interesting tidbits – it seems Frank Arrigo is telling folks that TechEd 2005 will be on the Gold Coast next year. I think that’ll make alot of folks happy since I think most had a few problems getting used to the cold here in Canberra – personally I think you are all wimps – I spent the whole time wearing shorts!

Thanks for the audio commentary SplaTT! Loving ya work mate!

P.S. I suspect most people tuning in listen to .NET Rocks!¬†with Carl Franklin and Rory Blyth. I’m starting to think that there could be room for a 24/7 .NET orientated radio show which just continually streamed both a mix of live DNR (and DNR-style) content plus re-runs of TechEd talks and MSDN talks.