Shrinklet Released

I’ve just uploaded a new version of Shrinklet. No bug fixes in this release but instead a change to use a web-service instead of screen scraping to get the URL from (big thanks to Kyle for setting this up).

As a result I was able to eliminate about 50+ lines of code from the application and at the same time make the application immune to any changes on the pages at (nice!).

At the moment I expect this to be the final 1.0 release as I start looking at other features to add like automatic updates and integration with the tracking features.

In other news, I’ve uploaded the sources for releases to date up to Darren Neimke’s Project Distributor here. Darren’s site is a distribution point for .NET community projects that he and others are working on.


One thought on “Shrinklet Released

  1. Geoff Appleby


    I finally got around to having a look at shrinklet. Nice. Works quite well, doesn’t it? The important bit is that i don’t even see it registering on the cpu.

    Also looked at the source – i can’t make any complaints there except for the language choice, but i can’t help your failings 🙂

    Are you still taking feature requests for version 2? Here’s mine:

    -I hate balloons. They’re fine the first time you tell me something, but after that, i’d like the option to switch them off (just the option). In the case where they’re switched off, this is how i see it (roughly).

    The systray icon is not red by default – say, blue?

    When i copy a url in to the clipboard, it turns red, to show that it can do something. If i want it shrunk, i click it – it processes (perhaps the icon turns orange)

    When it’s shrunk, it turns green, letting me know it’s done. It runs red if there’s an error.

    The moment i put something else in the clipboard, it turns back to blue again. If i put a new url in, it turns red again.

    This way it’s nice and nonobtrusive 🙂

    Also, it might be a good idea to update your regex just a tiny bit. I found a ‘bug’ (i quote it because it’s an unintended feature rather than a bug).

    Steps to reproduce:

    1) open notepad, and type ‘

    2) copy it, then get shrinklet to shrink it.

    3) paste into notepad the new url.

    4) now copy googles url again.

    5) get shrinklet to shrink it.

    6) now go and copy the first shrunk url, and watch.

    Shrinklet probably shouldn’t offer to shrunk shrinkster urls *grin*

    Nice work however – i like it muchly. 🙂

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