Shrinklet Released

Hi everyone. I’ve uploaded yet another version of Shrinklet, this time the version number which means there has been a minor enhacement (versus just bug-fixes to date).

One of the issues with the previous version was that if you copied a URL into the clipboard it will still offer to shrink the URL which is kind of pointless.

So, based on the version 2.0 feedback that I received I have created this minor release to detect URLs and display an alternate message balloon.

The nice thing about this is that now when you click on the balloon it will take to you to the appropriate tracking page on

You can download the version of Shrinklet here.


2 thoughts on “Shrinklet Released

  1. Brett

    Love your program…

    …but 20 megs of memory consumption (after the first URL)?? I can’t spare that much for a small utility like this. It’s better than the 32 megs that I saw with but still. I’m on a laptop btw πŸ™‚ and I do realise this would be more acceptable on a desktop.

    If you can improve the memory consumption to something more acceptable I’ll keep this open at all times πŸ™‚

    Other than that, fantastic work.

    – Brett

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