On the road … err … in the airport lounge again.

Well its a Saturday morning and I am sitting in the airport lounge with a prime opportunity to catch up with some blog writing and blog reading.

I don’t normally fly on Saturday’s but work has arrange a professional development weekend for the whole company in Queensland. I’m flying Virgin Blue today which is also rare for me – it also has the side effect that I will need to delay posting this message until I can find a wi-fi cafe in Brisbane (or perhaps the hotel has it).

Unfortunately even if I was flying Qantas I wouldn’t be able to connect, to understand why, lets look at the contents of my laptop bag.

  • 1 x Dell Inspiron 8500
  • 1 x Microsoft Trackball Explorer
  • 1 x Antistine-Privine Eye Drops
  • 1 x Creative MuVo MP3 Player
  • 1 x i-Mate SmartPhone 2 Cradle
  • 1 x Copy of Agile Software Development with Scrum
  • 1 x Print out of itenerary
  • 1 x Polarmine Antihistamine Tablets (hayfever sucks)
  • 1 x Filofax

Spot anything missing? Come on – there is a hint in there somewhere. Thats right I forgot my (*^&(*%*^& phone! Thats why I am no longer sitting in the airport lounge but am instead back in the taxi making a return trip home to get it. Normally I wouldn’t bother but because I have back to back travel plans it could mean I am disconnected for up to ten days – this is unacceptable – especially since I will have a number of last minute logistical issues to resolve today and during the rest of the coming week.

Normally I would just call my lovely wife and beg here to make another trip to the airport with “my precious” but I she dropped me off at work yesterday on the way to Melbourne.

Fortunately my flight seems to have been delays so I have a very comfortable margin to work within. Actually, the real reason for the comfortable margin is that I only live fifteen minutes from the airport (thats right, on the other side of Canberra :P).

I know the reason for my lack of mobile phone. I used it as an alarm clock this morning so when it went off I just reached over and turned it off before getting up to have a shower. This meant that it wasn’t in the usual position when it came to getting dressed (which is when I normally slide it into my pocket).

Nearly home.


One thought on “On the road … err … in the airport lounge again.

  1. William Luu

    Hi Mitch, you should look into one of the NetConnect cards from 3 if you travel often.


    I think they are pretty good for someone like yourself. It’s just a PCMCIA card with a ‘3’ SIM card inside it.

    Interesting thing is that when you are outside of their zone you’re actually using the vodafone network. You can get pretty good speeds whilst in their video zone(s) though.

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