Shrinklet now hosted on SourceForge

Have you been wondering why I haven’t posted up anything about Shrinklet recently? Of course you were, you were just sitting there on the edge of your seat waiting for more Shrinklet goodness weren’t you.

The reason is that I have been waiting to get Shrinklet approved as a SourceForge project. My initial application was rejected because I didn’t provide enough detail and I didn’t notice the rejection notice so it sat there waiting for clarification.

I am now happy to report that the project page is up and running SourceForge right now and I spent an hour or so migrating the CVS repository over including the historical file versions (minus correct date information).

Feel free to go and check it out. Over the next few days I’ll set up the bug tracking and feature request systems the way I want. I will continue update my source code releases on Darren Neimke’s Project Distributor – actually – I hope over time I’ll be able to move everything over there once they start getting SourceForge like features.

Over the coming weeks I hope to start commiting sources for a 2.0 or 1.1 release (not sure depending on the features that get included), at which point I’ll need to branch the repository to do bug fixes on 1.0 versions.


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