Daily Archives: November 5, 2004

.NET Rocks! > .NET Show?

I watched this vid on Channel 9 where Chris Sells makes a bit of a slip when talking about Rory Blyth on the “The .NET Show”. For those of you who don’t know The .NET Show is hosted by Robert Hess and Erica Wichers (sorry if I got your surname wrong). It got me thinking about the impact that the .NET Rocks show has had on the community – at least for me its definately higher up on my viewing/listening list than The .NET Show.

So, how can The .NET Show improve? Go deep dudes, go deep.


Silenced: incorporated subversion

I read about this via the weblogg-ed blog. I’m not sure I could work for an organisation that would make this kind of request of me. Obviously there are some NDA issues that employees shouldn’t discuss on their blogs, but other than that, its all good.

Personally, I have a lot of respect for those people that blog about what they do at work and are even critical of their employer and its products (Scoble). It makes me think that I can trust what they say when they say something is good -AND- it makes me think that the organisation they work for is progressive.

You can’t put blinkers on your customers.