The System Rebuild – Phase 0 – Backup

I’ve started preparing for some work that is coming up early next year (next year starts tomorrow – happy new year!). Unfortunately that means I need to ditch my VS2005B1/Avalon CTP build in favor of a VS2003 build.

Of course, after Cameron’s recent experience I’m going to be very careful and ensure I grab everything I need to get up and running by tonight. I break my re-install up into phases – phase zero, which I am in now involves hunting down every piece of information that I want to keep. Here is the list I have so far.

  • E-mail archives.
  • Source code.
  • OneNote notes.
  • Podcasts.
  • OPML files.
  • Drivers.

I typically don’t bother backing up my favorites since I hardly use them anyway (isn’t that what Google is for?). This screenshot should give you some indication of my current progress. I’m still copying across my e-mail archives, I’m adding and commiting my source code snippets to the CVS repository at work. My OneNote’s are already backed up via offline files (just finished syncing up), my podcasts are being copied, my OPML files are on the server at work (via offline files again), and the drives just finished copying over to my wifes machine where I can get easy access via a thumb-drive.

Phase one should commence in about an hour and a half. I’ll report in then.

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