The System Rebuild – Phase 4 – Developer Tools

The productivity applications are all on and all patched up, so thats phase three over. So the next thing that I need to look at is getting my usual stock of development tools installed. This includes things like Visual Studio 2003, BizTalk, and ofcourse SQL Server. I am also investigating Host Integration Server at the moment and noticed that it had a developer addition so I will check that out too. In this phase (phase four) I usually remember that I forgot to install MSMQ, although this time I remembered and did it in phase two.

Yay for me. Don’t you find you install stories riviting reading? No? I don’t care 🙂

2 thoughts on “The System Rebuild – Phase 4 – Developer Tools

  1. David Totzke

    Don’t you just love watching setup programs run? I know that I do. I especially like progress bars and time remaining estimates that have no basis in reality. There’s probably a differential equation somewhere that explains it, or perhaps Einstein’s theory of time dilation could shed some light. It’s just that I don’t care enough to work it out.

    Happy Holidays Mitch!


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