Monthly Archives: February 2005

Code Review on the Brain

It looks like Peer Code Reviews are on the agenda for quite a few folks at Readify. Darren and I are working on the same engagement at the moment and he has instituted peer code reviews. I was a little hesitant at first because I’ve seen some code reviews come a monumental waste of time but Darren managed to carve out a process that is not only efficient but will probably improve everyones coding skills – mine included.

On Friday I sat down with Darren so he could walk me through the process he had defined for getting my stuff in for code review and we encountered a few kinks that we ironed out there and then. I now eagerly await the feedback from the reviewers since I know there are probably a few rough bits, especially in some of the designer bits which I wrote over twelve months ago.

It seems fellow Readifyian Scott Baldwin also underwent a code review. I think his comments about check-ins and code reviews are completely valid. Code – even if it isn’t perfect is the product of a very expensive resource and should be preserved at all costs. This is why Microsoft has multiple tiers of check-ins before you reach the main Windows trunk with your feature.

Given that there seems to be a bit of discussion about this amongst the Readify folks I thought that maybe as an internal excercise we should all offer up some code for someone in the company to review, just to see how much we can learn from our own individual coding styles. Here is the snippet I am offering up, its from Shrinklet. If anyone is interested – feel free to e-mail me the critique or leave them in the comments.

Bill on Interface Mapping

Bill McCarthy has posted up a fantastic piece on interface mapping as implemented in VB.NET. When I first started playing around with VB.NET all those years ago I was curious why they had designed the language that way, but it only took my first VB.NET project that required implementation of conflicting interfaces to persuade me that it was a great feature. C#’s implementation isn’t all that bad but it can get mighty complicated when you need to implement multiple interfaces where there are base class considerations as well.

All I can say is thank goodness we don’t have multiple inheritence

P.S. Bill, I haven’t received your abstract for Code Camp Oz!

Kieran on Dell

Kieran just posted up about Dell being sued but also talks about their inability to keep pace with other laptop vendors, especially when it comes to Tablets. I personally am really disappointed in Dell not taking this on and as a result they may loose me as a customer in the mobile space – I’m pretty certain that my next upgrade is going to be a Tablet.

For someone who has been a loyal Dell customer for over five or six years thats a pretty significant change, and I can think of atleast five other Dell laptop users who are considering the same move in the next upgrade cycle. The frustraiting thing is Dell has the potential to come to market with a really kick arse offering.