Daily Archives: May 21, 2005

Posts per Month

I’ve posted quite a bit this month with a fairly reasonable mix of technical and non technical posts. I decided to plot my posting habits since I started my blog. There was a definate upwards trend at the tail end last year with a spike over January, I wonder what events in my life change my posting rate.



Product Feedback Center is broken!

No, not the site – some of the responses. Darren posted up this one worder which pointed to an issue he raised with IBF and VS.NET 2003 on the Product Feedback Center site which is part of the MSDN lab. After five days of back and forth between the guys at Microsoft it was resolved as Not Reproduced.

Now – what annoys me isn’t the fact that the guys couldn’t investigate and fix the issue, its the fact they they didn’t forward this piece of feedback from an MVP and one of the few people who know about IBF (on the planet) to the Microsoft Office team  to address.

Web applications are potential information silos.

I read this post by Evan Williams a while back and put it into my task list to reply. Running an organisation via public web applications is a possibility today, but there is cause for concern with taking this approach. Firstly, each web application represents an information silo and it can be hard to create linkages across these stores.

Technologies like RSS do address some of the problems but RSS feeds tend to be transient and don’t make for good programmatic query interfaces. I think applications like Outlook and JetBrains’ Omea Reader are going to start playing a much larger role for organisations that work with information stores like this, but they can only do it if the various web application vendors start exposing API’s for doing things like fetching bug lists (FogBugz might already do this – I don’t know).