And you thought a dentist with a drill was scary?

Sometimes you post something to your blog and it seems to insight the ire of a minority group. The number of dentists that have contacted me with reactions to that post is truly amazing – I’m sure some of them would have loved to stick a drill in my eyeball 😛

One chap who took it all in good humour was Dr. Nate who now has a blog. I suspect that the dentist that did this to their patient didn’t . . .



42 thoughts on “And you thought a dentist with a drill was scary?

  1. kelly

    Torture day at the dentists huh
    is it for real??
    i hope he/she’s not allowed to pratice any more and i certainly
    hope its not my dentist
    if it is real, i hope hes recovered!

  2. Lady Zee

    i want to be a dentist. whilst i was researching and i came across this. what the heck has happened?! please tell me through email “”
    if i got a patient looking like that…i might cry. hehe
    nice page!!

  3. Ben

    oooh.. my stomach hurts now..what happend though.. ive wanted to become a dentist 4 a while now..and even though im a barf..dosent mean i dont wana b one. email me what happened…

  4. krunal

    fuck you..its not possible that a dentist can do it..are you crazy…they dont have such a big drill you moght have donre something to get insurence money or take him to court for money…

  5. Samantha

    Please post where you got this picture and the story behind it. It’s not much of a blog if you don’t … blog.

  6. sawda

    wat happened i swere down wot did u do 2 upset him if i was u you i would of showed him whos boss………. hope u get well soon

  7. soniya

    omg omg omg wat the heck is this… that looks scary i wana be a dintist while i was searching i look at this just wana kn how did this happened? and wat made itlike that is it something that is related to dental or wat anywaz tell by e-mail(

  8. Geneva Dental Implant

    I could say that the dentist who made that is not highly trained. Hope that becomes a lesson in choosing the right dentist for you.

    DR. Timothy Driscoll, DDS
    Geneva Dentist

  9. Dr.Mohammed Abed

    this is not true at all
    Dentist dont have suck Drill or any tool to do that

    tha maximum can happen is little scratch from drill into cheek or something ,,
    but this pic is not true bitch

  10. Craig

    Wow, that is…not so nice. I hope is was not done on purpose becuase that will be breaking the whole Dentist Professional Conduct act.

    I would be interested to know what happened. My mail is enclosed. Hhaha I stumbled across this through Dental Research too. In fact, I am a soon to be Dental Student in the next acedemic year!

  11. drt

    What a bogus deal this is. There are no instruments in ANY dental office capable of doing this by accident. this patient is a trauma victim. He may be at a dentist’s office (oral amd maxillofacial surgeon) but that is for treatment of his wound, not creation of the wound.

  12. Limey

    And I was afraid of needles? I have to chuckle though at the statement “That looks really bad”… Hey, the guys nose is gone! I think that gets the award for understatement of the millenium so far.

  13. V13TCONG

    .. bs.. where’s the blood? and what.. the dentist decided to take the picture for fun? looks like my dick missed his ear and skidded across his face

  14. SRI

    U r a idiot! no such a drill is there in dentist instrument which can do such a bad harm… u tend to be big liar… he must hav come for a treatment for his wound… well dont think all r like u A FOOL…

  15. Immy

    It was a bullit not the dentists drill i am 9 years old and even i know that just use your eyes and read the information.

  16. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi there,

    Hopefully everyone responding to this post is picking up that I wasn’t seriously suggesting that a dentist did this. But obviously not…

  17. Fabio

    was more than obvious to me, how could a smal drill inflict such damage?

    But the title was the give away, “And you thought a dentist with a drill was scary?”

    But am curious to know what happend though

  18. amanda

    this was not done by a dentist. i saw this on tv, something like trama in the ER. He got shot in the face.

  19. bayan

    what the hell….omg!! this happened to a dentist’s patient…ughh…now i scared to go to the dentist 4 a fill in!! 😦
    how did that manage to happen?? OMG!! 😦

  20. bayan

    what the hell….omg!! this happened to a dentist’s patient…ughh…now im scared to go to the dentist 4 a fill in!! 😦
    how did that manage to happen?? OMG!! 😦

  21. muhammed

    I am a dentist

    I didn`t ever see somthing like that caused ba a dentist

    dude the drills we use “the dental burs”
    are few millimeters in size and it cant do all of that damage

    dosnt maka a sense

    believe me even if the dentist was drunk the most danerus injre will not be more then 5 millmeters in the gum or buccal mucosa which will heal after 2 weeks maximum.

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