Daily Archives: September 2, 2005

TechEd Day 3

TechEd is over for another year and I think everyone had a lot of fun. I know I did! Today I did my C# 2.0 session and perhaps inappropriately indulged in a little bit of Visual Basic bashing. It was all in good fun however because everyone knows that the differences are really minor in the overall scheme of things.

Next year, if there is a call for some language orientated sessions I might suggest that who ever is presenting them gets together and does a single session. That would be a better use of time because so many of the IDE features overlap in both sessions and then the presenters can just do a bunch “here is how we use runtime feature X in language Y” segments. Just an idea . . .

Anyway – time to sign off TechEd for this year, its been a hoot!

P.S. Some folks wanted a copy of my slides (not very interesting) a little bit more interesting. You can download it here.


Post Con Pre Con

With so many folks already up on the Gold Coast this week for TechEd the company (Readify) decided to fly everyone up to have a bit of a get together tonight before we all sit down and have a listen and think about some of our strategies over the coming twelve months.

Tonight we had a dinner and it was an opportunity for everyone to put some names to faces and learn who is behind that e-mail address. Several folks from Microsoft where nice enough to join us for some drinks and a meal, and given that they have all slugged their guts out organising TechEd thats a huge effort!