Daily Archives: April 19, 2006

Code Camp Oz 2006: Introduction to LINQ

Code Camp Oz 2006 is just three sleeps away. I’ll actually be driving over to Wagga Wagga on Saturday to help setup the venue and do any last minute preparation. My first session will be at quarter past two (2:15PM) on Sunday in the breakout room where I will be giving a high level introduction to LINQ, better known as Language INtegrated Query.

The session will really be broken down into two parts, it will be a bit of a retrospective on different languages and the converging forces which have resulted in the need for a technology like LINQ. I’ll then look at LINQ and how it will be woven into the .NET Framework, building on some of the fundamental building blocks that already exist today, and finally I’ll provide some language specific samples and look at the complimentary DLINQ and XLINQ technologies.

After my session, Troy Magennis and Nick Randolph will be co-presenting a more advanced session on LINQ. So if you want to OD on it, come to my session, find out what it is all about, then go to Troy and Nick’s to get down and dirty with the technology.

Reminder: If you want to register for Code Camp you should do it now – send and e-mail to registrations@codecampoz.com letting us know that you would like to come along.


Currently reading Naked Conversations.

I’m currently reading Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. Its a good read and where I am up to at the moment is really just making the case for blogging and advising (in a somewhat sermon like way) that business shouldn’t ignore the technology or the two way conversation that it is trying to achieve.

When Scoble and Israel first started writing the book I actually tuned into their Red Couch blog and read the draft chapters. I liked what I saw and promised myself that when the book was published I would purchase a copy.

Well – that time came and went and I didn’t purchase a copy, but something happened on an internal mailing list today which alarmed me so much that I felt that I had to purchase a copy of the book so that I could read it so that I could recommend (and probably purchase another copy of someone else). As a blogger I understand the value of enabling the conversation, but I don’t think everyone in the company gets it – my mission is to change this.

Anyway – I just wanted to mention that I was reading the book, and I am enjoying it. I also wanted to thank Robert and Shel (or possibly the publisher) for enabling the book in eBook format.

I’ve recently taken the stance that I will not purchase anymore books unless I can get them in eBook format. Unfortunately this book has DRM on it so I’ve been unable to transfer it to Acrobat Reader 2.0 on my PDA to read – thats a bummer, because its a more convienient form factor for reading material like this (Robert/Shel, if you have a copy without DRM I’d love to have it, I promise I won’t make illegal copies).