Daily Archives: April 25, 2006

Please don’t make “Windows PowerShell” the official codename for Monad.

This is terrible. And there are lots of reasons why if you sit down and read the comments you’ll find lots of reasons why, but here is my number one reason.

  • PowerShell = PS = 204,000,000 irrelevant hits on Google.

Monad obviously had issues with leading character substitution but at least it was largely searchable. MSH wasn’t two bad, but it is also a segment from a HL7 formatted message which made it near useless for searches.

This is a call to arms, bloggers unite and let Microsoft know that they need to go back to the drawing board on this one.


Guy Kawasaki: There Is No Indispensible Man

Guy Kawasaki (re)posted the poem “There Is No Indispensable Man”. I love it, kinda goes along with my shoot terrorists in the head strategy.

I also love the sub-title on his blog:

Blogger. n. Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do.”

Priceless. So get back to work!

Code Camp Oz 2006: Photographic Evidence

Well, the photographic evidence of Code Camp Oz 2006 has started rolling in. This set of photos is from Roseanne Stamell who looks after the MVP program (and the MVPs) here in Australia. Thanks for sending them in Rose!

The photo below was from a “how to start a user group” session that was co-hosted by Greg Low (MVP/RD) and Charles Sterling (Microsoft). Both very qualified to talk about this kind of stuff.


This next photo is from the SOHO security session that Rocky Heckman (Security MVP). I think this session was ran before the session that Rocky ran in the main hall where I think he managed to terrify some of the attendees.


I think this photo is showing the attendees walking up to the coffee/tea room in the break. I can even spy Irfan Altas there (red top, white pants, grey jacket) from CSU who looked after us during the event.


The campus creates a great atmosphere for Code Camp, and the chalk on the pathways letting people know where to go was a really nice touch.


Here is a picture of Nick Randolph, Dan Green, Martin Granell and Troy Magennis. All four of these guys are MVPs and were presenting at the conference.


This is a picture of myself, Angus Logan and Bill Chesnut. I think that this was just after Angus’ session before he had to jump on a plane back to Sydney.


Here are some of the non-developer MVPs that made it to the event. These guys put on sessions around their technology areas. Names left to right are John, Sandi, Steve and Judy.


Unfortunately we didn’t have the MVP sessions up on the main web site so the whiteboards around the venue served as a quick area to post up information.


This is the main hall at Code Camp. I can spy Daniel sitting there in the front row. You can tell you are at a geek event when powerboards mysteriously appear underneath chairs to power the notebooks (I’d estimate that we had at least 50% notebook coverage).


I’m not sure who this guy is, I was too scared to introduce myself lest he stab me with his sabre for trying to steal his sunken treasure. In all seriousness though, this bird was amazingly well behaved, it just sat their on his shoulder for the whole event.


More ad-hoc promotion for the MVP sessions. This was on the door to the building with the break-out rooms.


A snap from inside Judy’s Outlook session. Judy really knows how to make Outlook work for you as a productivity enhancement.


Finally – here is Nick and Troy doing a deep dive into the features of LINQ from a C# and VB.NET perspective.


Thanks for the pictures Rose!

Thoughts on Community Dinners

Darren has posted up a suggestion on how individuals can get more out of (and consequently add more too) technical communities by attending regular dinners with a set group of people (up to about ten).

The thing that would appeal to me about participating in a forum like this is that it would be possible to get familiar with the various challenges people are facing, and share experiences and advice. Over time a level of trust would be built up amongst the group which is where the real challenges get shared – I think.

I’d love to get involved in one of these groups, maybe you should assemble a group of peers like Darren is suggesting too?

Code Camp Oz 2006: Day 2 – The Finale!

Well – thats it! Code Camp is over for another year. Today I spent a fair bit of time prepping for my presentation in the afternoon on TFS branching patterns and possible ways to implement quality gates. You can download my LINQ and TFS presentation if you want.

During the course of the day I managed to catch glipses of various peoples sessions including Greg Low’s, Rocky Heckman’s and Paul Glavich’s. By the end of the day we still had pretty good numbers.

I’d like to thank the following people to helping to make Code Camp a success this year:

  • The Attendees!
  • The Speakers!
  • The MVPs!
  • Microsoft – specifically:
    • Charles Sterling
    • Andrew Coates
    • David Lemphers
  • Charles Sturt University – specifically:
    • Irfan Altas
    • Anthony Chan

We are already looking at what we can do next year so if you have any ideas and suggestions please shoot me an e-mail at mitch.denny@readify.net!