Installing Windows Vista 5365

I’m not sure how much I can talk about this but since Sam has already blurted it out I figure its OK for me to talk a little bit about it as well (queue nasty e-mail from Microsoft Legal).

Anyway, I’m installing Windows Vista 5365, although in my case I am dropping it down onto a Virtual PC configuration. So far so good. There have been some screenshots of this build posted here.


2 thoughts on “Installing Windows Vista 5365

  1. William Luu

    Geoff, you won’t be able to get a hold of 5365 as it’s a Testers only build. But according to some sites, there’s supposed to be a Beta 2 build coming out in May or something like that.

    And that build should be more “publicly” available.

    I think Vista is progressing nicely now. Each build seems to be getting better and better, and more solid. (Or so those who’ve used them say.)

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