Daily Archives: May 9, 2006

The Morning Report

I just got on the bus and I am compelled to reflect upon the signs of winter here in Canberra.

As I walked down the street to the bus stop the tree that I have been gradually watching lose its leaves now has less than a dozen yellow cracked ones left and I suspect that the next good gust of wind that we have will take care of them.

The sky is a facinating blue grey making the sky look like something out of a painting rather than something that is real. The tops of the clouds when you can see them through the patches in the cover are a golden brown, the same colour as the grass in most of the fields around town.

The surrounding mountains still have light covering of know at the higher points and the fine mist rain that is slowly soaking the grown seems to be crystalising and waiting that bit longer before it hits the ground.


Web Application Projects 1.0 for Visual Studio 2005 has shipped!

I blogged about the imminent release of Web Application Projects a few days ago, but its great to see that its now out there. Its excellent news for Team Foundation Server works like me because of the issues with WebSite projects that I’ve seen. Thanks for the heads up on its release Martin. I’ve actually been running this build for a while because I was helping diagnose an issue with Team Build – glad to see its all fixed up.

Caveman Rocks

I downloaded the Cavemen game that Frank pointed to and loaded it onto my WM5 device. Works pretty well. I was a pretty big Lemmings fan back in the day and I kind of like these light problem solving games. I think that there is a whole game genre here which would appeal to the mobile professional that has a few minutes to spare waiting in a queue at the Taxi rank.

Oh – and the guys over at Lightworks Games have a blog. Subscribed.


That’s the web address that Frank Arrigo pointed to when he revealed that he is aggregating more than eight hundred blogs. About twelve months ago I could have challenged Frank’s position on that list but these days I subscribe to a lot less feeds – although now that I have discovered Squeet I’d like to ramp that back up again.

I’d like to get a hold of your OPML file Frank! The share.opml.org site seems to be having some load issues at the moment (must be popular, I’ve been seeing people post about it all over the blogosphere), but one feature that I’d like to have (but couldn’t see) is the ability to download someone elses OPML file and bulk import it into the tools I am using.