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chown -R us ./base

Last week I took Bella to the cinemas. While we were queuing to buy our popcorn with a side of movie tickets I spotted a geek wearking the following shirt.


I couldn’t help having a little chuckle to myself as the wearer and I exchanged knowing glances. For those of you reading that don’t get the reference, chown is a common UNIX command for changing the owner of a specified file or directory structure. The command on the T-shirt will recurse the /base directory changing all the owners to “us”.

Its a clever play on the “all your base are belong to us” line from a Japanese video game. You can read more about the history of this phenomenon over at Wikipedia.

Farewell Joseph, happy trails!

Joseph just blogged about his departure from Readify. Its sad to see Joseph leaving us, I remember working with him on a project here in Canberra where he was doing the miles each week by flying from Queensland to Canberra. He once spent a whole night implementing an XML Serializer for the Compact Framework which was pretty much compatible with the desktop serializer.

Happy trails Joseph! And I am sure we’ll see you again!

Becoming one with Windows Vista . . .

I have been running the BETA 2 build of Windows Vista for over four weeks now and I think that today I finally reached the point where I would really suffer from a productivity perspective if I went back to Windows XP.

Whenever I try something new (like an operating system) I deliberately unlearn the way that I have done things in the past. I find that this leaves me open to learn new approaches to solving old problems – like file management.

Over the past twelve months I’ve been uploading most of my important files into my personal site in SharePoint, and I still do, but I made a point of not leaving those files lying around on the hard disk. This made it harder to quickly refer to them whenever I wanted them.

Since installing Windows Vista I’ve been putting them in the stock-standard documents directory, not even taking the time to organise them into folders. Its getting quite crowded in there, but today I think I’ve finally hit the point where I appreciate the “search everywhere” functionality in Vista.

Today already I’ve attached four files from the Documents folder and each time I didn’t even bother scanning for them, I just typed some text into the search box and it came up witht he document I wanted.

Nothing like creating necessity to force myself to start using a new feature more.

Cavemen 1.0.0

A belated congratulations to Thomas White and Walter Haas over at Lightworks Games for shipping their first Pocket PC game, Cavemen. They announced that the Cavemen game had been released on Thursday of last week.

I’ve actually gone out and purchased a copy of the game because I enjoyed playing the BETA so much a few months back. According to the site the new version has 102 levels which I am looking forward to conquering.

For those of you who don’t know about the game, its very much like Lemmings except with Cavemen, the special thing is that it is all squeezed into a Pocket PC form factor. I’m really envious of these two guys who had a vision to start a games company. I hope this release gives them the working capital they need to start working on their next title!

Installing Web Application Projects Add-in on Windows Vista BETA 2

If you need to use the Web Application Projects add-in for Visual Studio 2005 and your desktop operating system is Windows Vista BETA 2, then you will need to install the add-in using your UAC administrator token.

The way I did it was run the command-prompt as an administrator then run the MSI. Running the MSI directly and expecting it to elevate correctly doesn’t work (you get an Access is Denied error when trying to write the InstallState file).