chown -R us ./base

Last week I took Bella to the cinemas. While we were queuing to buy our popcorn with a side of movie tickets I spotted a geek wearking the following shirt.


I couldn’t help having a little chuckle to myself as the wearer and I exchanged knowing glances. For those of you reading that don’t get the reference, chown is a common UNIX command for changing the owner of a specified file or directory structure. The command on the T-shirt will recurse the /base directory changing all the owners to “us”.

Its a clever play on the “all your base are belong to us” line from a Japanese video game. You can read more about the history of this phenomenon over at Wikipedia.

4 thoughts on “chown -R us ./base

  1. Mitch Wheat

    Hi Mitch

    You’ve ruined my day! I was just telling my daughter at breakfast how I’m not really much of a geek…and then I saw what was written on that T-shirt and got it right away.

    There’s no hope for me…


    Mitch Wheat

  2. Martin

    That beats the chuckle I shared with a geek at the grocery store who was wearing a “will work for bandwidth” shirt..

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