This feed has moved!

This is my first post from my new blog digs over here at WordPress. The first post at a new URL seems like such an auspicious occasion that it is a little unfair that most people have to use it up telling people where to point their feed aggregators (hint: my new feed is here).

I haven’t made this decision lightly, I’ve been wanting to change the way that I have been presenting my blog to the world for over two years but because of various reasons I’ve held back – until now. Over the next couple of posts I’ll explain why my overall plan for successfully migrating across to WordPress and some background on why I am doing it.


5 thoughts on “This feed has moved!

  1. Deepak


    I made a similar decision to move from DasBlog to wordpress. I realized that there is a lot that wordpress offers when compared to DasBlog. Stability is on top of my list. I’m interested to know why you made this move.

    Looking forward to your posts on WordPress.


  2. Mitch Denny

    Hey Frank,

    Yep. But I didn’t make a choice based on the technology they used, I made a choice based on the features and the backend. If I had the time to write a version of WordPress in .NET I would – trust me.

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