Aspen: PowerShell Futures

I just read the PowerShell blog and noticed that they are teasing us about the next release of the product and making sounds that it might have something to do with the next version of the Microsoft Management Console (note that the current version of MMC is 3.0). This is really a natural progression because if we look at some of the other management tools that Microsoft has shipped, the marriage of UI to underlying script generation is very useful for the system administrator community.

For example, pretty much every screen in the new SQL Server Management Studio (from SQL Server 2005) has the ability to product a script based on the current options on the screen. Ideally they could get to the same point that Apple has with their Automator tooling where scripting – even of the user interface components.

If every process declared its ability to be scripted then when you were doing a recording session the desktop compositing engine in Vista could somehow highlight those windows that could partipate in the process.

I suspect however that the Aspen release will be somewhat more limited in scope, and be more like the tooling from SQL. Still, I think it would be great fun to implement. If you are attending TechEd 2006 in Australia and would like to know more about PowerShell don’t forget to catch my session (MTG304) – it’ll be a must for system administrators responsible for managing Windows environments.


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