My name is Mitch Denny and CSS is my Kryptonite!

Looks like someone was listening to the check-ins to our internal Team Foundation Server installation. Of course, when I posted that comment I expected it to be a closely guarded corporate secret, and not have it blurted out across the Internet. We may as well just create an RSS feed and throw it out there!

 Now – I have to be honest, I am really bad at CSS, I could handle CSS1, but CSS2 is just so much more expressive. The problem of course is that one plus one does not always equal two, so even though the CSS I write renders OK inside of Outlook 2007, it might not render correctly inside of OWA or Outlook 2003 – and it would just scare me to think what it would render like in Firefox or Opera (good thing I don’t really care about either of those two for this project – how backwards thinking of me!).


4 thoughts on “My name is Mitch Denny and CSS is my Kryptonite!

  1. lb

    admitting you have a problem is the first step to overcoming it. we’re with you mitch.

    some handy css tools:
    1. the mouse-over dom inspector from slayer office. (it’s a favelet that tells you where in the dom an element is, just by mousing over it)

    2. “web developer tools” extension for firefox — which does the same kind of stuff but also lets you edit your css on the fly. really cuts down the “rinse and repeat” cycle for debugging dirty css. this thing is so helpful that it tricked me into switching to firefox long before i was ready to ;-).

    3. top style lite, the classic little nick bradbury tool for writing your css — though i suspect you’ve graduated well beyond needing this particular one.

    and i wouldn’t believe what frank says 😉


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